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Thursday, August 3, 2017

I am 2 years old!!

My precious boy is 2 years old! How did it all happen? I thought he was just a baby?? But he is now a walking and talking toddler. Time is passing too quickly. I recall my parents always saying that they hope we quickly grow up when we were a kid, but on the contrary, I don't wish for my boys to grow up so quickly. The baby/ toddler phase is good. That's where they are the cutest, the funnest and the most needy towards mummy. There is no school stress, no bad friends stress, no lying, no boy girl relationship worry etc etc. Their world just revolves around you and they listen to you (when they are not throwing a tantrum). They laugh genuinely, they hug and kiss you, they say the funniest things, they surprise you all the time (in a good way)! Keath is the best thing that has happened to me so far. Before I had a kid, I never imagine how much love I can give to another human being, much more than the husband hahaha.

At 2 years old, my Keath:
- Likes to ask mummy to sayang him when the dad jokingly smacks him
- Loves and can sing the full birthday song
- Can put together a 5 word sentence
- Finally can sit down peacefully in the car by himself, asking for seat belt to be buckled on
- Recognises the bump and will say that didi is inside mummy's tummy
- Super happy when he sees us return from work. He will take a chair and wait for me at the gate. And when I arrive, he will delightfully say 'mummy is here!'
- Recognises and says letters B,O,X and numbers 1,6.
- He is fine when his teachers wash his hair in school, but still is scared of water falling on his face when I do it on him at home
- He remembers his things and will remind us to take it along (e.g. his stroller, bags, etc)
- When we went to his cousin's house (same age) and the cousin doesn't allow him to play with his toys, he just leaves the toys alone. When we try to take it for him, he rejects it at all cost, saying that it is korkor's toys!
- When you tell him that he cant touch certain things, he wont touch
- He's rather OCD. Likes to arrange things in a straight line. When he sees things in a mess, he will say aiyo, so messy.
- For things he knows that we generally will have reservations giving him, (e.g. sweets, cold drinks, you tube etc), he will not ask for it but grab your arm and look at you in that pls-can-I-have-it face. I will then melt and then give it to him hahaha.
- Knows many new words that we didn't teach. Going to school is good.
- Likes to hug and look at me close in the face and say mummy mummy mummy. Melts again.
- Sad when he sees other babies cry.
- Will say mummy mummy is pretty when he likes a particular top/ dress that I am wearing. Never happens to daddy before hahaha
- He has a strong sense of I can only touch my things, you can only touch your things. For eg when my parcel arrives, he will say that only I can open it. I can only sleep on my pillow and not daddy's pillow. I can only drink from my water bottle and not daddy's etc.
Words cannot describe how much I love you Keath!

I am now 8 months pregnant. Didi has been very active kicking me at the right side of the tummy all day and night long. However for this pregnancy, I am feeling nauseous during this third trimester. It's probably due to reflux and I didn't have this when I had Keath. But i'm also like it's ok, don't come out too quickly. Didi was 1.7kg when I went for the 31week scan - 27%. It's ok, I don't need him to be too big a size. Can always feed him when he is out.


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