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Friday, September 22, 2017

26 months and i will soon be a korkor

Keath is 26 months and he will soon be a big brother. I have been prepping him for the change in his status by telling him about didi as and when the topic is appropriate. He knows that didi will soon come out and my tummy wouldn't be so big when didi is unloaded. I have told him that I would need to breastfeed didi milk when he is out (he has forgotten that he was a breastfed baby). Told him that when didi is out, I will carry didi and daddy will carry him. He nodded his head to all these that I'm saying - a good sign for now as he didn't reject the idea before seeing what it actually means. About sharing, I also asked him what are the toys that he can give didi and fortunately, there are some toys which he says that he can give. But those that he likes very much, he is not agreeable to sharing it with didi, which I think it's fine. I use language which does not make him seem unwanted because of the arrival of didi. For example, I don't say things like I wont have as much time for you when didi is born but rather I will feed didi and daddy will play with you. I wont say I cant carry you because I am pregnant with didi but rather my arms are tired and I don't have strength to carry you, let daddy carry ok. So far, he seems ok with all of these and I'm counting my blessings to have such a child. Will have to see what reality is like when didi is born!

I am rather surprised that didi has lasted so long in my tummy already! Today is week 39w 4d already and he is still comfortable inside (Keath came out 37w 2d). But it's ok, he is not out yet cos he is choosing an auspicious date to come out. It just means that the previous days were not suitable for him to come out. Everybody says that the second one will be early but didi is not the norm. Haha, but how early can he be when Keath already came out so early right. Didi was 2.6kg at week 36, 2.9kg at week 37, 3.0kg at week 38 and 3.2kg at week 39. Think there is some + - to the reading when Dr Ben scanned him at the weekly checks. Didi is always around 25% percentile and I'm fine cos I am scared that a big baby is more difficult to push. Can always fatten him up when he is out. At week 37, Dr Ben said that didi's head was still floating. At week 38, his head was no longer floating, but there was zero dilation (cervix check is damn painful, absolutely hate this part of pregnancy). At week 39, still zero dilation, cervix is soft but not the very soft stage to deliver. So he said to that there are 2 options. Induce him out this week or wait another week to induce him out. He says that if mine was a high risk pregnancy, he would have asked me to induce now already. By high risk = mum is old, water level is low and there is decreased mobility in the foetus. But I don't have any of these, so it's still ok to wait. Moreover, baby is not big at 3.2kg now, if want to wait still can wait.

It's ok didi, choose the day you want to come out properly. Mummy can wait. Friends and colleagues keep asking me whether I feel any different now that i'm nearing EDD. I actually think yes leh. Right now, I feel that didi is very low already. There are sensations of stinging breasts and they are more painful when you apply pressure to it. The pelvic and lower hip aches more and the bones there have the cracking sound more easily. I also go to the toilet way way more often now and since week 39, keep feeling that food is coming up the throat (shld be not enough space in tummy alr). It's uncomfortable and didi should be out soon.

OK, I will now continue to talk about Keath.
- He can now jump multiple times in a row, yay achievement!
- He can say 14, 15, 16
- When I sneezed, he will say xia si ren. hahaha it was hilarious
- He is starting to ask many questions. Where are we going, what is this, what is so and so doing, what is the sound etc.
- He is an understanding boy (sometimes not). When I say that my arms hurt from carrying him, he will say daddy carry. But definitely not when he is sleepy, he needs me when he wakes up from his sleep and when he needs to fall back asleep.
- He is really excited when daddy and I go home to see him after work. Love the excited squeak that he makes, his smiling eyes and wide grin when we are at the door.
- He can play with kids. So much more if they are girls! =D
- Loves storybooks. Will ask you to read the same storybook for like at least 5 times in a row before he is satisfied. Mummy is patient to do this. He loves the timmy and tammy series and I have started going to the library to borrow these for him.
- When we push him up the escalator using the stroller (bad demo, but so much more convenient than lift), he is ok if daddy is the one securing the stroller while on the escalator. But when he is off the escalator, I must be the one pushing him. He will turn back to spot check who is pushing him haha.
- Keath received a certificate from school for displaying the value of CARING! This term, they learnt about having to care for themselves, others and pets. Teachers said that he did all these well and was able to take part in class discussions and gave him a cert. Awww his first cert, so proud of my boy!

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