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Friday, September 29, 2017

It's post EDD!

Today is 4 days post EDD and there are still no signs that I experience. My only conclusion is that there are no good dates the past few weeks and that baby Zeth wants mummy to rest more before he comes out! We went to the gynae yest and baby is 3.3kg. The water level is normal, heartbeat normal but there is zero cm dilation. So, Dr Ben asked that we induce the baby out already cos it's not good to keep the baby in beyond 41w. I read online that it is normal to give birth from week 37-42 but there are risks involved if the pregnancy goes beyond 42w as the placenta may lose its function of being able to provide for the baby.

So, we have decided to induce the baby out coming Monday, 2 Oct, where he would be exactly 41w then. But if Zeth decides to come out anytime before Monday, then so be it. What happened to the theory that the second one will come earlier than the first one? I see many instances of this not happening already. For now, I will just enjoy the break that I have, sleep more, eat whatever I want, go to wherever I want and spend the last weekend alone with Keath without his little brother!

For now, Zeth is still actively kicking me all the time. I am having more backaches when I sit in one position for a long time, have cramps at the pelvic area, feels heavy when I walk sometimes when Zeth's position is very low, goes to the toilet very often and can generally fall asleep quickly. But I am feeling very chill about this and am enjoying the feeling of being pregnant since I will be closing shop after Zeth! At the same time, I also feel ready to welcome our second boy already. Yes, we will be able to handle both of them at the same time and I await the challenge for us!

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