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Monday, September 18, 2017

Maternity Photoshoot

It is our second time doing a maternity photoshoot. I was 33 weeks pregnant and decided that we should do one since we did one when we had Keath. So must be fair right. We didn't go back to the same photographer that we went to cos I found an alternative photographer who is much cheaper and nearer! Inessa Studio quoted us $250 for 10 edited images with props and costumes provided. We did a 2.5 hour session for 5 sets of costumes (including one set we brought ourselves - same one as when we did Keath's photoshoot). Their studio is located at bukit merah and is really spacious and clean with lots of cute props suitable for family shoots. What worried us for the shoot was actually whether Keath would be able to cooperate and smile to the camera. At the end of the 2.5 hour session, we walked out feeling relieved cos Keath though wasn't cooperative at some points, we managed to pull through the session and had some really nice shots! The photographer and myself was able to make Keath laugh and smile to the camera at critical junctures and the end product is really nice!

After the photoshoot, they posted all the raw photos at dropbox for us to choose the 10 edited images. So basically you are able to save all the photos at a mere $250 (we had like 120+ photos), but with their logo on those unedited images which I was ok. I thought it was a steal. And here is the end product which I really love! Keath made the photos look joyful. It would definitely be different if he wasn't around.

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