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Sunday, October 22, 2017

27 months and i'm sometimes jealous of my newborn brother

The million dollar question - how is Keath reacting to Zeth's presence? To be honest, it is different everytime and every day. It depends on Keath's mood. Sometimes when Zeth cries, he will run to him and say uh oh, don't cry, don't cry. Sometimes, when he sees us coaxing Zeth, Keath ask us to put him down and carry him instead. When Keath sees me breastfeeding Zeth, he is ok sometimes but at other times, he cries and asks me to not feed didi. If not, he is generally ok with Zeth's existence, will talk to Zeth about his toys and what he is playing and doing. But probably because we still have the confinement nanny with us. She is the main caregiver of Zeth and we can still spend most of our with Keath. I cannot imagine when she is gone, how we are going to manage.... That is in one week's time. Still not sure how will the living arrangements be like when nanny leaves. But right now, he comes over to our house at night on weekdays since I'm home. He still sleeps over here on weekends.

Post delivery - how has it been? I hated the womb contractions whenever I breastfed. Fortunately, the contractions stopped at day 6. The breast was also badly engorged on day 4. There was a stubborn lump and I got Mdm Ida to help me unblock it - but was not that successful as she expected as milk was coming in at that time. After much latching, the lump fully disappeared at day 6 and breastfeeding became easier in the second week. I did the jamu massage and Mdm Ida was saying that she almost fell asleep when massaging me cos there was nothing to massage! Hahaa, she told me not to waste money cos I don't have water retention and have already slimmed down in the first week after delivery. Hahah, so I didn't continue with the massage. Though my tummy went flat pretty quickly, the hips have widened. Horror.... How to narrow it?? Need to upsize my shorts again.

My confinement - how has it been this time round. Actually much as I want to rest, I find that I cant because the kids are sick. Am spending most of the time running to the clinic and TCM. Also spend the time with things like photoshoot, gg to fs master for Zeth's Chinese name, doing up Zeth's birth cert, setting up CDA account, breast massage, jamu massage, hosting visitors to the house, organizing full month party, online shopping for stuff Zeth needs and majorly entertaining Keath. And because I'm breastfeeding, it's also hard to lie down most of the time. Basically I feel that I am unable to rest as much as I want. My lower back is also aching because of prolonged carrying of Keath when he throws his tantrum and refuses anyone else. As for food, I'm generally not a fussy eater and is ok with confinement food. But this time round I ate much less ginger cos of Zeth's jaundice. Nanny also cooked different variety of food, more interesting than the first round. She also said that cos I'm strong and fit, don't really have to avoid a lot of food. She okay a lot of food for me haha. I bathe everyday and wash my hair every 3-4 days. I'm ok with confinement actually. Wouldn't mind to do this for a few months actually. Am enjoying the help that I get for the baby.

How is Zeth - poor thing, he fell sick when he was 2 weeks old. Got flu from his brother. This affected his sleep cause of the congested nose. His jaundice level is also high. Was ok when he was discharged from the hospital, climbed up even when he was 2 weeks old and was still at 141 when he was 3+ weeks old. Went to PD and got some nasal decongestant for his flu but it didn't work. One week later, we brought him to Yu Guo TCM for flu and jaundice and yea, showed results after 2 visits. We have to bring him there for 1 week for infant massage and put the Chinese medicine on his belly cos he is too young to eat medicine.  Other than that, I feel that he is more cooperative than Keath when they were of the same age haha. He loves to be swaddled and can sleep well in the day and most importantly night. Please hope that things remain this way and we would have a smooth and easy time taking care of 2 boys.

Let me continue with the usual updates on Keath. This month,
- He is becoming more social with kids. When he saw kids waiting for the lift with him, he will signal for them to go into the lift when it comes. He will also tell them which storey he is pressing in the lift haha!
- When his friends came over to our house to play with him, he passes his toys to them to play.
- Likes to steer his stroller instead of sitting in it cos he sees us pushing his stroller
- When he opens our wallet, he recognizes which credit card we usually use to pay! Cos he is the one who taps the card when we pay via paywave.
- Recognises milo when he sees it
- Smiles whenever he sees me when he comes back home

As for Zeth,
- He is pretty standard in his timing for feeds at 3 hourly. However if he doesn't sleep after a feed, the next feed would be at the 2 hour mark.
- The max he goes without a nap is 4 hours now (though he sleeps while latching)
- Each latching session is 35-40 min
- If he is bottle fed, he takes about 30 min to finish the bottle. With the pumping and washing, it takes a longer time to be bottle fed than latch
- He is a good drinker like his brother. Can finish 100ml at 3 weeks.
- Has about 6 poo output a day
- Fortunately differentiated day and night since he was born
- Is more patient and can wait when you ask him to, unless he is really really hungry and tired.


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