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Thursday, December 21, 2017

29 months and i feed myself medicine. 3 months and i will reach out to touch my toys.

Cant believe it is almost the end of the year already and I have survived with 2 kids for 3 months. It sure is tiring and I cannot imagine going back to work and waking up in the middle of the night for feeds. One good thing is most of the time, Zeth can sleep a 5 hour shot during the first sleeping stretch at night before becoming 3 hourly. This didn't happen to us during Keath's time at all. He tortures us. Hopefully this 5 hour can stretch till 7 hours when I go back to work. Zeth is generally a better sleeper than Keath. This month, he is fascinated by the mobile toys at his cot and is able to attempt to reach out to touch them. He will smile at the toys and observe them for a long time. Think his sight is getting better and he is able to see more clearly already. Whenever I carry him and smile into the mirror, he will smile back. Most notably, he is able to laugh with sound now! So cute, everyone will keep making him laugh. Newborns are soo adorable.

As for Keath, the terrible two tantrums are REAL. It has becoming more frequent and intense, but he will become a different person after the tantrums are over. But when he is at it, he wants means he wants, cannot take no for an answer and will keep crying. Then Zeth will cry together with him. I hear things will only get better when they turn 4 years old. So, that's another 4 years for me huh. This month:
- He tells me that he likes mummy and didi
- Calls his father darling sometimes. Cos that's what I call alv!
- Recognises the objects in school and would tell us when he see smth similar from school.
- He's a real observant kid. Small things that you didn't think are important or significant, he would remb the details and surprise you with it. I sometimes didn't even notice it.
- Likes me to engage him in a conversation on the things that happen in school.
- Able to wear his own shorts, diapers and shoes already! Hates it when you do it for him. Basically he wants to do everything himself, regardless of whether he is able to.
- Recognises the numbers 1 to 10 and some alphabets. Was surprised when he said 'B1' in one of the mall lift buttons!
- Can comment on whether his tee-shirt or shoes are comfortable to wear.
- Would often engage with Zeth. Like when he returns from school, when Zeth wakes up, he will say hello and talk to Zeth. When Zeth cries, he will sayang him and say it's ok, don't have to cry. <3 <3
- He would tell us if he got scolded in school/ fell down/ cry etc.
- He can articulate the plot of his storybooks with short phrases.
- He's not a fussy eater since young. This month, he could feed himself with medicine in a syringe. Most amazingly, TCM medicine also can! I dissolved those powder in like 10ml of water and he gulped it down in 3 mouths together with an 'ewww' expression.

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