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Thursday, March 1, 2018

31 mth - Likes school again 5 mth - Eats everything in sight

Moving to mil's house is a right move. We see that after we moved here, Keath has become a happy boy, much happier than he was before! When he's happy, he is also willing to go to school. Appetite is also good, now becoming chubbier again. I guess every child needs their parents. The feeling of unfairness is already felt at such a young stage. It sure is a big relief now that Keath is willing to go to school! If not, everyday is a struggle for him and us. The terrible two tantrums are also much more manageable now. His tantrums don't blow into a bomb that much, it's much more controllable. When he whines, you can tell that it's just fake whines and he is just being sai nai. When it's time to go to bed, he doesn't fight going to the bedroom and turning off the light now. Just that it still takes about 1 hour before he falls asleep after going into the bedroom haha. He fights going for afternoon naps though. Doesn't want to go to sleep even though he's cranky already.

He's at the stage whereby he listens to our conversations and wants to understand what we are saying. Very often, we cant talk in peace because he will be asking what we are talking about. I'm still very much the person he goes to all the time. Feeding, showering, changing diaper, everything. When others say smth which he doesn't want to hear, he will whine to me. When others say smth which he thinks it's wrong, he will validate with me. Whenever I say smth and others don't follow, he will protest and cry haha. It's like he only believes whatever I say and whatever I say must be genuine. I love my boy.

We can often hear him say new things in English out of the blue. School really allows one to learn. Plus they are a sponge at this age, learn very fast. When I pick him up from school, he will also randomly tell me about things that happen in school. Then throughout the day will keep asking me to ask him about school. Which is a good sign! The school is now teaching them to express their feelings - happy, sad, upset, scared, angry. From the conversations that I had with him, we are quite sure he is a happy boy. He also knows when he is sad and will tell me after my prompts. He is still jealous of Zeth, but at least, he allows me to go settle Zeth more often than previously already.

Zeth hasn't flipped. He has flipped twice, though he didn't look like he knew he has flipped. Then it didn't happen again. But partly also because we seldom let him do tummy time cos he doesn't like to lie down or be in a horizontal position. So most of his awake time is in the sitting position. His head is firm since 4 months, but he just doesn't want to flip. I'm ok actually, take your time. Zeth has discovered his legs and likes pulling his toes/socks to eat. He eats anything in sight though. Any toy, paper, your hand which is near his mouth, he will eat.

He loves watching Keath do things! Which is good also, cos he will be entertained when Keath is around. Time passes more quickly when Keath is around cos if he wasn't, Zeth would be bored very quickly and there is only so much we can do to entertain him right! He loves going out cos there would be many things to see when he is out, not like at home. Zeth loves bathing! He will flap his hands when he is the water, didn't see this in Keath previously.

Zeth is still taking 30min catnaps now. His awake time is 1.5 hour. So in a day, he usually takes 4 or 5 30 min naps. I wonder when would he be able to sleep longer! Since the fourth month sleep regression, he is still regressing. Omg, he is waking up 2 hourly at night for one month already. I am sooo tired help! There are times when he wakes up only twice at night and times when he wakes up 1-1.5 hourly, but 2 hourly is the norm. Colleagues and friends who saw me say that I look tired and I lost weight. Yea, I'm now like 1kg lighter than before I was preggy with Zeth. Repeat - i'm so tired!

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