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Friday, April 6, 2018

32 mth - Tantrums are back 6 mth - Have teeth and can flip

Omg, Keath's tantrums are back again. After his last episode of high fever, he is back to throwing ridiculous tantrums and waking up multiple times every night. We thought that after moving to mil house, all will change for the better. It did, and we enjoyed seeing the happy him for one month. He has mood swings and you wont know when he will just suddenly explode. I think the terrible two stage will continue to terrible three.

Keath is at the stage where he keeps asking why why why. Very curious, and the whys dont stop after you explain. So we just got to somehow distract him so that he stop his endless why which no matter how you answer, he will still ask why. Given that he is now a toddler, he is able to focus on smth for a longer period of time. He can also just stay in front of the tv for a longer period of time (but of cos, asking why is the character doing this/that/etc). He is also a very observant boy, OCD perhaps? Hhaha, like he will catch people who dont pronounce the words accurately. He caught mil saying 每个len(人) and my father saying 吃 yi (鱼) and will ask me whether it is correct. Hahaha, so cute hor!

Zeth began flipping to and back at 5+ months and diaper changing has been more challenging! We have started him on formula milk at 6 months and he doesnt poo everyday since then. The poo is also creamy compared to the watery texture when he was on full breast milk. Well, i cant give bm forever, got to start fm already. Plus the mastitis, blocked ducts and blister episodes, coupled with having fever and flu at least once every month, supply is dwindling. Luckily he accepts fm.

However, his sleep patterns have changed from bad to worse ever since the 4th month sleep regression. He is waking up like 1-2 hourly every night and omg, it is so tiring and frustrating. Plus the fact that i also have to wake up when Keath wakes up.... How not to be sick you tell me. Zeth recently also developed his first fever when he was teething. Right now, he has 2 small teeth sprouting out already, and he has bitten me twice >_< We have also started him on solids. Have tried cereal, grapes, nectarine, avocado, potato, sweet potato, pear, banana. I would say that he only likes cereal. The next in line which he likes is nectarine, though it's still small in quantity as compared to the time when Keath started on solids. Keath was such an easy eater, eats everything with no fuss. Zeth doesnt show an interest in eating even though he puts all objects into his mouth. Aiyo, can foresee it would be tough getting him to eat in future.

Zeth also knows how to open bian arms when he wants someone to carry him now! When we put our 2 hands in front of him saying bao bao, he will lean forward and stretch his arms open. Didn’t recall Keath understanding this so early last time! He loves to go out aiyo. Always whine at home but when he’s out, he’s so happy. And whenever we are on the way home at the void deck, he will start to cry Liao alamak. He also knows how to hold his milk bottle already.

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