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Sunday, July 1, 2018

35 mth - moody boy 9 mth - walk in cot and sleep training failed

I have returned to work already. Having to juggle both work and kids is really a struggle! From my 4th day of work, i need to bring my laptop home already. And then just when i thought Zeth was sleep trained, he decided to undo all those efforts. When i come home from a long day, tired from the lack of sleep everyday and then see Keath's tantrums, i am so exhausted.

Keath is a very moody, emotional and needy boy. He has a lot of emotions in him and he doesnt know and want to express himself, thereby causing all those built up of emotions and ta-dah, tantrums come. Everyday at mil house, we will see this. We used to pacify him to stop him from exploding, but now, we think that the only cure is to let him explode. If he doesnt explode, he will still find some other ways or things to cry, eventually. So might as well get the tantrums over and done with quickly first. Plus, we are too tired to pacify anyway. When will this end, he is turning three soon, i am actually quite sure terrible three will continue. Zeth used to cry when he sees his brother crying, but now, Zeth dont care about the crybaby big brother anymore. He will just continue playing his own things, sometimes even laughing at the brother oops!

We ask him to say thank you, please, sorry, he doesnt say sigh. Then teacher is also saying that he has been quite rough in school. There were incidents where he bullied his friends in school. Why Keath, what happened? You dont bully your brother, why do it in school? It's also an irony that such a timid boy would do such thing in school. This month, the school wants to cut off milk from school. Somehow after this, he also drinks less milk at home already. Seems like he is becoming less interested in milk gradually already.

Then Zeth - why did the sleep training fail? He has learnt how to pull himself to stand up in the cot already. So when he does that, he doesnt know how to sit down on the bed himself. Turns out that when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he will stand up and cry for us to come in. We come in, put him down on the bed to sleep and this becomes a habit. He will just keep standing until we go in. So after a while, he forgot how to sleep by himself already. Now, we will have to keep carrying him until he falls asleep before putting down. And then at night, cos he doesnt know how to connect sleep cycles and fall asleep by himself, he wakes up very often again! It's back to the 7-8 times night wakings. Can you imagine how panda i am..... They also say that night wakings is due to poor day naps. Yes it's true. It's so hard to get him to sleep in the day and instead of 3 naps, mil only manages to let him sleep 2 times of 20-30min nap. So he is severely overtired in the day and this led to poor night sleep. It's a vicious cycle, poor night sleep gives poor day sleep and it goes on and on. I dont know how i am going to survive man. Not like i have the weekends to sleep in or something. Everyday to them, it's the same thing. They wake up early every single day. I dont remb this during Keath's time leh, Zeth whyyyy.

This month, Zeth has learnt how to drink from his straw cup! He can crawl proficiently and can walk in his cot while holding on to the rails. He loves driving the car like his brother and we have to buy 2 cars already. Zeth is starting to snatch Keath's things, esp the car! Can see him grinning widely when we put him on the car. Both of them love the steering wheel so much, like the father. Zeth has 6 teeth now and loves brushing his teeth, good!

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